Cop-Out (A Proverb)

A worn-out spider

With no strength to spin a web

Just writes a haiku.


They’re Just Fat Butterflies

A hungry, greedy caterpillar
Found some grass to munch,
She didn’t let one platter fill her;
Nope, she ate a bunch.
She grew and grew much fatter till her
Yard was but a swath.
And that’s how the first caterpillar
Turned into a moth.


I thought I drew a picture of an Elephant and a Monkey.
I was wrong.
See, I just found a box of crayons.
Turns out it’s actually a green elephant.
With a blue striped trunk.
Walking through the neon grass.
Next to a space alien who sorta looks like a yellow monkey.
Wearing red sunglasses.
And there’s a spaceship in the background.
A magenta spaceship.
Not sure how I missed all that at first.

Oh, and also the alien monkey has purple polka dots.

I guess I should name them now.

Thoughts on Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary,
I, in search of rest from waking,
Came across a poem eerie
Of a brilliant author’s making.
Dark the mood he carried with him,
Ripe with tension ever climbing.
Tight his timing, smooth his rhythm,
Midas touch with words and rhyming.
Light as mummified detritus,
Stirring clouds of dust inside us
Filled with ghouls to haunt and bite us
While their songs and shapes delight us.
Ne’er been so creeped out before.
I shall be sleeping nevermore.

The Other SIde

Ask me about the other side.
I know my way around there.
The colors are a bit brighter,
The weather is more agreeable,
Everyone sings and whistles
And no one worries about their hair.

Ask me about the other side.
It’s not too hard to imagine, is it?
The food is healthier but tastes better.
Exercise isn’t as hard but it’s more effective.
I’ve never been there, of course,
But I’m planning a visit

I’ve given it quite a bit of thought.
I could talk about it till sundown,
Dream about it till dawn.
I’ve never looked at the side that I’m on.

From the Archives: Loredo

This was the title song from a musical that my brother and I considered writing a while back. We had to stop since we had no plot We only had a setting: a small town named Loredo. It would be nice to have gotten an interesting story out of it, but at least we got an interesting song. Enjoy!


More than a town
More than a hill with a sparkling crown
Twilight is lifting and darkness departing
Slowly and surely, a new day is starting
Children and flowers
Bursting with life after mild spring showers
The spring showers found it
The spring showers tamed it
The spring showers brought it to life
And named it Loredo

More than a town
More than the shimmering rays flowing down
Friends growing closer and days growing longer
Hearts growing warmer and hands growing stronger
Days are begun
Wheat rises under the warm summer sun
The summer sun found it
The summer sun tamed it
The summer sun taught it to live
And named it Loredo

More than a town
More than a patchwork of yellow and brown
Strong as a tree trunk and soft as a feather
Weaving the pattern of living together
Meeting a friend
Golden leaves dance in the cool autumn wind
The autumn wind found it
The autumn wind tamed it
The autumn wind helped it to grow
And named it Loredo

More than a town
More than a blanket of white on the ground
Warming our hearts and making them clearer
Gathering loved ones and bringing them nearer
Lives come and go
Muffled and softened in cold winter snow
The winter snow found it
The winter snow tamed it
The winter snow taught it to love
And named it Loredo

From the Archives – Arabian Starlight

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to locate my missing hard drive. Well, I found it. It contains tons of old files from years past. I was looking through it this evening and found old bits of unfinished songs and poetry. Some of it’s good, some not so good. This is one that was going to be longer, but I never wrote more than what’s here. It doesn’t completely make sense, but I like the imagery. I hope you enjoy it!

Arabian Starlight

The part I find strange is
How everything changes
Under the light of a white crescent moon
The air getting colder
Your head on my shoulder
Together and warm, hand in hand on the dune

There’s a star out tonight
Who’s soft, misty light
Has touched every life that has ever passed through
The same light is there
In your eyes, as I stare
Into starlight that nobody else ever knew

Uncountable beauties
All sapphires and rubies
Each grain is its own precious stone in this sea
I scooped up some diamonds
Then lifted my eyes and
Some diamonds reached down and scooped up me

A mystical fire igniting the land
Atmosphere sparkling, stretched out like a hand
Holding my world in a whole different light
And filling the sky with Arabian starlight tonight


Some nights are I’m-in-the-mood-to-write-a-story nights;
My-head-is-filled-with-exciting-tales-of-danger-and-glory nights.
Some are The-night-is-young-and-I’m-feeling-groovy nights;
Let’s-stay-up-late-and-watch-a-really-long-movie nights.
There are I’m-like-a-nocturnal-animal-and-must-stay-in-motion nights;
So-I’ll-drive-to-the-beach-and-watch-the-sunrise-over-the-ocean nights.
Then there are the I-just-want-a-pillow-and-a-bed-because-all-my-eyes-want-to-do-is-close nights.
Yeah, this is one of those nights.

Mostly from the Archives

This is a song I wrote long ago. It has a nice flow, but it was a bit trite. I wrote it out today, and then rewrote bits of it. It has quite a different feel now, and I think I like it better. So this is half an old song, half a new song. Enjoy!



I stop to give my life some thought,
And every though I give
Starts buzzing around
This suburban playground
Coming to land on the street where you live.

My palisade beneath the shade
Is always here with me.
I stand beneath the memories we’ve made,
So cool and cozy.
The shadows cast will always last,
But why should I dream alone?
You’d always pull my mind from the past,
My heart would melt,
And then wherever we were would be home.

When you’re away and I’m alone
In our cul-de-sac,
I sit back and watch
While memories play hopscotch,
Skipping from moment to moment and back.

Sometimes I walk for hours and talk
Pretending you’re here with me.
I write your name in azurite chalk,
And just the memory
Of all your charms trips car alarms.
Look through the asphalt and chrome;
If I could hold a dream in my arms,
I’d pull you close
And then wherever we were would be home.

I’d walk for miles to see you smile,
No matter how far you roam.
Each step I take is more than worthwhile;
I’ll be with you,
And then wherever we are we’ll be home.