Boxing Day

I’ve always liked the day after Christmas. As the excitement settles down and the decorations begin to detach themselves from houses, gifts begin working their way into everyday life. Children play with their new toys, adults use their new tools and appliances, and everyone wears their new clothes. Life settles into a normal routine.

The greatest gift that anyone has ever recieved is God’s gift of His Son and the salvation that is available to us through Him. At Christmastime I focus more than usual on that gift. Once Christmas is over and the focus begins to fade, that gift stays and continues to work its way into everyday life.

We often say that the main point of Christmas is to think about Jesus and His coming to earth. But if the holiday passes by and nothing in our lives change, then the time was wasted. As life returns to normal, I pray that the clear understanding of the gift I’ve recieved will stick with me in the coming year.