Violet is the last color of the rainbow. Violet is often associated with purple, but the two colors are not the same. Violet light has a certain frequency and wavelength. Purple, however, is different. It doesn’t have a wavelength or a frequency because there is no such thing as purple light. Purple exists only as our perception of the combination of other colors. Purple is only in the mind of the beholder.

It’s said that “roses are red” and that “violets are blue.” By definition, however, violetsĀ are violet. Violet, the color, is named after violets, the flower, so whatever color violets are, that’s violet.

Different cultures have different standards for what is considered purple.

And my plan was to somehow take all of these facts and ideas and tie them seamlessly together into one post and make it somehow linked with Christmas. But I couldn’t force it to work. So this disjointed collection of paragraphs will have to do.