Bananas (A Short Thought)

Just a short, simple thought today. How can you tell if a banana is ripe?

One of my final assignments for this semester of school is to write a paper about practical Christian growth in a church setting. So I’ve been thinking a lot about how Christians grow. How can you tell when a Christian is maturing? How can we tell if we ourselves are acting as we should?

The answer is short and simple: we must be constantly viewing our lives under the light of Scripture, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our natural eyes are very often blind to our own failures, but those failures stand out when we hold the Bible up to our hearts and compare. And when we grow and change into the image of Christ, God will use His Word to reveal His work in us to us.

How can you tell if a banana is ripe? You hold it under a different light. Under a blacklight, ripe bananas glow indigo.