Green is the color of spring. There’s green everywhere in the summer. Even in fall when shades change, there are still splashes of green in the trees. And while most trees lose their green and their leaves as winter approaches, some trees keep their color. When Christmas comes, we decorate with green and consider it one of our special “Christmas colors.” We use an evergreen tree as one of the central symbols of the season.

There’s nothing uniquely “winter-y” about green. It’s always there. But when everything around becomes bare and white, the green stands out more than ever. And so we take notice of it and even celebrate it.

I feel that a lot of Christmas is like that. The best things about Christmas — our Savior, family, friends, giving, food — are all there all the time. We’re so blessed, and so often we take our blessings for granted. When we’re able to take time to reflect on all that we have throughout the whole year, we realize how much God has given to us. And so, like the evergreen branches of the tree, we celebrate it.